For gym owners, personal trainers and fitness studios who need quality elite training programs and the blueprint to run a successful fitness business.

The ME3 TRAINING SYSTEM is an original program developed over 15 years of experience, combining concepts from bodybuilding, olympic lifting, athletic conditioning and functional training. Get your clients results and increase your revenue. This is the group fitness training system you are looking for!


Chris Chan is the Co-Founder and Head Coach at New Body Alliance and creator of the ME3 TRAINING SYSTEM.  He has lived a lifestyle of fitness his entire life and now he has dedicated his knowledge and experience to helping other fitness professionals achieve their business goals in the industry.  

 In his fitness career, Chris has owned 2 successful fitness studios, became a group personal trainer for big corporate clients such as Lululemon and Hootsuite and has helped new and upcoming personal trainers become successful fitness entrepreneurs.  If you’re a gym owner or personal trainer and you feel like you aren’t earning the money you deserve, than the ME3 TRAINING workshop is for you. The information Chris will share with you could literally transform your fitness business and your life as it has for him and many of his customers and coaching clients.  He has assembled, figured out, tested, and proven different, unusual, and unique strategies to help you run a successful fitness business.  Helping fitness professionals like you, market and sell personal and group training programs is what Chris loves to do!