If you’re looking to differentiate your fitness studio and group training in a way that attracts, engages and retains more members, than the ME3 TRAINING SYSTEM can help you make that happen. This 7 hour intensive fitness entrepreneur workshop will teach you the 2 phases to help increase your revenue and get your clients results while having fun doing it! Chris will be teaching you what school’s didn’t and that is the right training system and blueprint in running a successful fitness business with proven turn-key tactics.


With over 100 fitness programs tested, this is the most effective way in getting your clients results. It will help your clients establish overall strength and conditioning and ultimately elevating their fitness in ways they never thought possible. With the right training programs, your clients will keep coming back!

You will learn and be trained on:

  • How to create a successful group training program that is adjustable, repeatable, expandable and adaptable.
  • The unique benefits of the ME3 group training classes centered around the the core concepts of bodybuilding, olympic lifting, athletic conditioning and functional training. 
  • Essential tips and tricks for designing, setting up and coaching group training sessions effectively.
  • Ways to integrate training tools and combine workouts with the TRX suspension trainer, dumbbells, barbells, resistance bands, kettlebells, landmine, agility ladders, bosu balls, skipping ropes, battle ropes and many more. 
  • Printable orientation guide that provides detailed cueing, pacing, techniques and modifications. 


    How to run and operate a successful fitness business without any big overhead costs. You can have the best training product but without a proper marketing and management system, you cannot run a successful gym.  It took Chris years to figure this out. However with some research, organization, and preparation starting a fitness business can be much easier than you think, and in this workshop you’ll find many of the solutions you’re searching for.

    You will learn and be trained on:

  • How to get more clients into your fitness studio/gym.
  • Showing you which software platforms to use and the required systems to manage the behind the scenes operations of your business. 
  • Marketing 101 tips and tricks.
  • Inexpensive overhead costs and how to find the right location. 
  • The business side of running a fitness studio/gym.
  • Equipment- what to buy and how to make your own. 
  • and much more…